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Cat after accident:

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Equine Stem Cell Nutrition Lucerne - Eve-Marie keeps nine horses, “all older thoroughbreds,” and was eager to participate in the trials of a new stem cell enhancer for horses. She shared her allotment of test products with a few large commercial thoroughbred farms, veterinarians and other “horse people” she knows, and has been pleased with the consistently excellent results she has seen and others have reported to her. “This product will help so many animals,” she says, adding, “People and animals are more alike than we are different. So it makes sense that a stem cell enhancer for animals with promote their health, too.”

Eve-Marie’s pet product trials show dramatic results. “For several horses facing serious physical challenges, cases where the animals might have to be put down, we saw a return to quality of life. This did not happen before stem cell nutrition.” Eve-Marie says that this turn-around was quick, less than two weeks in many cases, and that the subject horses were back to health and enjoying pasture life within a month. One of the unofficial trial subjects for stem cell nutrition was a 30-year old donkey who was in “bad shape,” Eve-Marie reports. “He had chronic respiratory difficulty and could move about only haltingly”. His owner had stem cell nutrition supplements to help with her own serious health challenges and shared it with the donkey. The donkey’s owner says “this is the first time she wasn’t sick and is walking all around, feeling great and enjoying life again!” and National Hoof practitioner Stephen Dick received some of the trial product from Eve-Marie, and had good results with the two horses he selected for trial. For a 12-year-old quarter horse stallion, stem cell nutrition brought dramatic results. “This horse used to lie down twenty-two hours of the day, because he suffered discomfort whenever he stood,” Steve reports, continuing, “after a couple of weeks with stem cell nutrition, he was getting up and moving around, showing no discomfort.” For a high-spirited mare with a leg problem, stem cell nutrition brought about a whole new lease on life, Steve says. “This horse had been in a stall for 8 months. After about 6 weeks taking the equine product with her grain, her condition had improved and she was out of the stall, walking around in the pasture again.”

Is Your Horse Bleeding After a Run?'s%20horse.jpg“My name is Cori, I have been riding barrel horses for 20 years. I have seen many equine products that claim many things, but failed to produce results.

Recently I was introduced to stem cell nutrition. My 12 year old gelding JCS Choice is a bleeder, but after 3 weeks of using stem cell nutrition he no longer bleeds! Stem cell nutrition has also improved his overall health giving him more energy and power. I am very excited about the results!"

Hi my name is Lydia Culp and I ride a great mare named Roll The Stone, this mare has taken me to many 1D wins and she has more heart than any horse I have ever had the chance to ride. Because of her having so much heart and so much love for her job she was still running for me when she had Gastric Ulcers in her small intestine. I knew something was up when she was just not herself, she was just standing around and not wanting to fire as hard as she was, but she still gave it her all in the amount of Gastric pain she was in, and that is when I gave her stem cell nutrition, and in one week she was almost back to herself, and the gastric ulcers where gone. I started her on the product on a Saturday and on the following Sunday I took her to a barrel race and she ran the second fastest time of the day. WOW! in just one week you can make such a difference in your horse's health. 

When winter ended here on the ranch, our 29 year old mare which we loved dearly looked very bad. My husband had made a very hard decision to put her down. I knew he was having a hard time with that decision and suggested that we try stem cell nutrition. Her ribs were showing, her hip bones were protruding, she was not shedding like the others, and looked bad. After 6 weeks she has regained weight, coat is slick and shiny, and is hard to distinguish from the other mares, which look great. She is a great example of what stem cell nutrition can do in a very short time. TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT!! 

- Karen Schneider - Montana Dick is a Certified Farrier, a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, Charter member of the AANHCP and formerly a Field Instructor for the AANHCP. He is an expert in the field of Natural Hoof Care and in addition to hundreds of horses in his care, he is devoted to teaching other professionals, as well as owners, how to achieve health and soundness the natural way.

In my occupation as a Farrier, I have worked for twelve years with horses’ feet. I trim hooves, apply steel shoes and serve as a consultant to horse owners, often advising them about the proper diet and care of a horse. My job requires very strenuous activity on my part, because I have to bend over and hold the horses’ hoof while trimming or nailing on a horseshoe. When I shoe many horses in a day, it takes a big toll on my body. Consequently I have developed arthritis which has gotten worse of the years. My knuckles became big and swollen. When people shook my hand I used to hope they would not squeeze too hard, because if they did, I would be crippled the rest of the day. A client introduced me to stem cell nutrition.

After four months, my hands no longer hurt, and my back pain was greatly diminished. I could easily squeeze the nippers to trim hooves or use a file to shape them. I realized stem cell nutrition was a great benefit. My clients tend to be more interested in giving stem cell nutrition to their horses than to themselves. A well known trainer had a prize stallion, a black and white paint horse, who had suffered from laminitis for three years. This very debilitating condition involves swelling and inflammation within the hoof tissues that connect the hoof wall to the coffin bone. In severe cases, a horse can die from this. The stallion had a dull, drab coat, as well as sores on his hips and elbows from lying on the ground too much. I offered the owner stem cell nutrition and she put the horse on a high dose. When he began to improve, she became very excited. His coat changed, looking more sleek and shiny. He went from ninety percent lame to only forty percent lame. Over time, he kept getting better. For her, this was an incredible improvement.

A friend has a Labrador retriever with a cyst on his back leg. The poor dog could not stand on the leg, let alone walk on it, and the owner worried that she might have to put him down. I told her about stem cell nutrition, so she tried it on her dog. A few days later, she called in great excitement to say that he had recovered so much that he had jumped out of her car instead of waiting for her to carry him out and set him on the ground. She could hardly believe the dog was putting weight on his afflicted leg. We agreed that stem cell nutrition is phenomenal. I share stem cell nutrition with others because I know it is very important for the recovery of a variety of health issues.

Equine Fibromyalgia Lucerne. I’m a long time breeder and licensed trainer of thoroughbred horses. I have also been involved in holistic health care for many years. One of my horses was diagnosed at three years old with equine fibromyalgia syndrome, which is similar to human fibromyalgia. She suffered with great pain and tiredness. Sensitivity to touch is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and she reacted to even a gentle touch as though she were being hit by a sledge hammer. When anyone put a saddle on her and tried to ride, her pain was obviously unbearable. I started putting stem cell nutrition in her grain, and within two to three days, I witnessed dramatic results. Suddenly, I could touch her anywhere without a problem. She also displayed much more energy and was playful with her companions.
I am very pleased with stem cell nutrition. It delivered much more than I expected.

Dog and Cat Stem Cell Testimonials


Sneezy, born 25th May 2000, my male Pekingese doggie is 10 years old. He had a very slow heartbeat ~his medication was Fortekor 5. He just use to lie in a quiet spot in the house or outside under his favorite tree. It always looked as though he had stopped breathing. I would call his name and hold my breath until he slowly responded. He walked very slowly, just like a little old man. He hardly ate any food, and I was slowly saying “goodbye” to Sneezy.

April 2009 - I gave him stem cell nutrition everyday which released additional stem cells from his bone marrow and thus, his body’s miraculously started responding to the product ~ 3 days later he was full of bounce and life. He started eating like a horse and started barking at every movement around him. Again, I could not believe his remarkable improvement ~ in just 3 days!

22nd March 2010 ~ Sneezy went to the Vet, for a check-up and the Vet told us that his little heart is normal again! We have weaned him off his heart medication. Wow! I have my little Sneezy back! Sneezy also had large cataracts on his eyes. The cataracts are now very small, not to mention how beautiful his coat is looking. If Sneezy could speak he would like to thank everyone responsible for the discovery of stem cell nutrition.

Before April 2009
After March 2010

- Christine, South Africa


As an animal lover, if it wasn't for Storm (my female Rottweiler) I would not have pursued the business. Storm is a 14 year old Rotti, weighs 60kg (overweight as she had been spade). She fell in to our empty pool chasing a rat on the 8ft deep side - as she already had bad arthritis in her hind legs and hips, she was walking with great difficulty, and when this happened she could not even get up by herself with this tremendous weight she had on top of it. After an hour struggling we hoisted her with a carpet underneath her belly up to the top. She was totally immobile as she had now hurt the right front and left hind leg. Off to the vet we went. I then remembered that they said our best friends can also use the product, as we are all mammals and I knew very little about stem cells let alone Adult Stem cells. I told the vet I was giving Storm stem cell nutrition as now it was a way for me to be convinced that these tablets actually do work. Within 2 days she could help herself up with difficulty but she could at least go outside to do her thing - from there it took 2 weeks before she could walk about 20 metres to our front gate. Slowly, slowly she started walking with less effort; her cataracts disappeared; her eyes started shining and her coat began to shine beautifully. This accident happened in February 2009. By November she was like a little puppy again – she was playful and very thankful every time she saw me as if she knew whatever I've been giving her was working.

- Susan, South Africa


My dog is a kelpie cross, now 11 years old (getting on for the breed). However she runs around like a 2-year old, racing down to the gate (a distance of about 500m) when we come home and then racing the car back up to the house. This has only happened since we have been giving her stem cell nutrition starting in mid May this year. Before that she was getting a bit lazy and waiting for us near the house.

My dog Djapana has her own website and she put up a post on May 20 about her stem cell nutrition - I would like you to have a look at it. Djapana is building her web presence as an advocate for the health and treatment of dogs and this is the reason for her site. We have great plans for the future!!!

- Gloria, Perth, WA


Here is my brief testimonial about my dog, Thalia.

Thalia, my 10 year old Rottweiler whom I rescued 3½ years ago, nearly passed over the end of July 2009. She has been gradually coming back to health since, yet the soft-tissue damage in the middle of her back – apparently sustained from an accident as a puppy – continued to bother her. She was often rolling on the ground /patio / driveway to relieve whatever she was feeling. Whenever I ran my hand down her back, she would flinch and the muscles there would spasm.

Well, after only 1 week on stem cell nutrition, Thalia is no longer doing any of that and I can even rub my hands all over her back without any response but pleasure! Her personality has become much more outgoing and obviously happy, not only asking for cuddles from me but also from visitors. Previously, she stayed out of sight most of the time, resting. In addition, Thalia’s entire body is rapidly getting stronger now and her previously bowed legs – apparently from osteoarthritis in her hips – are now straight.

- Jane, York WA


Buster, my Staffy/Healer, used to slobber all night – sort of anxiety, as he wanted to be close to us. He also used to bark at 5am for a wee break, and 6.30am for another. He is 9 years old and was a little stiff in his joints. Since taking the stem cell nutrition, he has stopped all of these symptoms. This took 7 days to kick in.

We give him stem cell nutrition daily mixed in with his rice and raw meat/sardines and pellets in the evening. He weighs about 19 kgs.

- Susan R. Perth, WA


I have a miniature black poodle called Snuffy who is 6 years old and weighs 6kg. Originally his fur was jet black, but when he was about 2 years old his fur changed to a blackish grey colour. I have been giving him stem cell nutrition for 9 months. I often forget to give him his capsules, so he probably has been getting them on average 2 to 3 times per week.

For about the last 2 weeks we have noticed a black line on Snuffy’s back, and we thought one of the kids must have accidentally spilt a drink on him. On Friday, I took Snuffy to his dog groomer to have his 2 monthly haircut and shampoo, expecting the line to wash off. But when I picked him up, his dog groomer told me that Snuffy was growing back his black “puppy fur” and showed me the black line on his back (and tail) that was still there! (see photos below) For me, this is a miracle. Sometimes I feel like these kinds of things always seem to happen to other people but not to me. For something like this to happen in my own family, makes it all feel so much more real. I am inspired now to make sure he gets his stem cell nutrition every day, to see how quickly all his black fur grows back. Perhaps his dislocating knee caps in his back legs will start to get better too!

Snuffy Christmas 2009

Snuffy March 2011

- Fiona F. Perth WA

Dog with bad eye

The last two photos belong to our neighbour's dog. Judy, the dog owner, always has 3 dogs. One of the dogs died so now she felt she needed a replacement so she went to the Humane Society to see if they had a dog she might like. Well, when she saw this little dog that had one eye ball almost hanging out of its head she immediately asked one of the care takers: what happened to that little puppy? They said the best thing they could guess is that it was abused likely by its owner. They probably kicked it with their shoe and the tip of the shoe hit the dog in the eye and nearly pulled it out of its head. My wife and I saw the dog shortly after she got it. She felt so sorry for the puppy she decided she would doctor the little thing back to normal if she could. She knew we had some stem cell nutrition, so she called us to see if she could bring her puppy up to us and see if our stuff might help it. We told Judy that very likely stem cell nutrition would correct the problem in a short period of time.

She asked: “How long do you think it would take for the stuff to work”. I said, “Judy, if it takes 6 months to get the eye back to normal would that make you happy?” She said, “YES”!! Well, in one month the dog was NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!

“Bailey” – Arthritis

In July 2010, my 1 year old Kelpie X, Bailey, started limping badly on his front legs. X-Rays confirmed that it was elbow and shoulder dysplasia in both front legs which had caused arthritis. I started him on stem cell nutrition in September and within 3 weeks he had stopped limping. I had radiographs taken 6 weeks later which showed that the arthritis in his shoulders had disappeared (the vet, of course, blamed a misdiagnoses of the x-rays taken). The specialist could also not get a pain response from my dog (despite his best efforts) from his elbows. Bailey may still have elbow dysplasia but it causes him no pain. He is on a maintenance dose of stem cell nutrition everyday and has not limped since. I am grateful for this product. Every time we take Bailey for a run he outruns our other dog and only just over a year ago he struggled to even walk. 

- Mandy


Our German Shepherd, Major’s hips were X-rayed when he was 10 weeks old. He had severe hip dysplasia, but showed no signs. I took him to a veterinarian surgeon for an opinion. Major would not let her touch him, so I ran him in large circles, both ways, so she could see how he did. She could not justify surgery on him at that time and said to wait and see. When Major was 6 ½ years old he started limping on his right hind leg, which was his bad side. He then couldn't jump on our bed anymore and didn't run up and down the fence line when he went outside. He was hurting and not a happy dog. I gave him aspirin, but that only masked the problem. When I walked behind him, I could see his right hip stick out. I thought the time had come for the surgery.

I started taking stem cell nutrition myself for my lung problems and was pleasantly surprised how well I did after 3 weeks, so I purchased some for Major. After 1 week on the product, Major didn't limp anymore! A couple of days later he was back to his old self, running around and jumping up and down from the bed again. The amazing part was that his right hip went back into place! Had I known that was going to happen, I would have taken a before picture! Major is once again a happy, healthy puppy thanks to stem cell nutrition. 

- Linda Rubin, Florida

Dog’s Hip Pain Gone. have two dogs, each six years old, with chronic health issues. The female, Chocolate Chip, is a lab mix with severe edema, cataracts, and arthritis in her hips. She looked like a large black sausage with legs. Hip pain kept her from enjoying a run in the yard.

The male, Raybear, is a chow mix, whose left back leg was badly maimed by a car. For most of his life, he has used only one back leg to get around. He had become weak, listless, and showed little interest in getting up and participating in life. Now, eight weeks after beginning both of my dogs on stem cell nutrition, their lives have taken on new meaning. Chocolate Chip’s bloating has gone down, she runs in the yard like a puppy, and her cataracts are almost gone.Raybear has stronger muscles, increased endurance, and seems excited about being alive. I am so appreciative for what the stem cell nutrition has done for my dogs. Their lives are good again.

- Suzanne Wright

“Lady”'s-Cavalier.jpgLady is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – almost 13 years old. It is a common health problem for Cavaliers, as they age, to develop a heart condition along with respiratory problems, plus throw in arthritis for good measure. As Lady approached her elderly years, all of the above developed, her quality of life was disappearing and it was very disturbing watching her gasping to breathe.

Last year we changed our Vet, who in turn, changed Lady's medication, this helped her a little, but she was still struggling. The Vet informed us that, unfortunately, at her age we have to keep adding in medications to keep her going.

After reading some very inspiring 'doggie' testimonies using Stem cell nutrition, I decided to give it to Lady. Within a few days she seemed brighter, started barking at birds etc. A few weeks later we noticed that her symptoms were slowly subsiding. Due to her condition we take her to the Vet regularly. In checking her heart, the Vet was surprised to reveal that her heart was not all over the place as she normally would be. I chose my moment, and decided to tell the Vet about Stem cell nutrition. She was very receptive and called in the other Vet to check also (they both know Lady). At this point she was on Fortikor and Vetmedin, as well as fluid tablets. The Vet said she looked very bright in the eyes, good colour. Between the 2 Vets, they decided to half the Fortikor.

After another few weeks, the Vet was still impressed with her and instructed that when she finished the current Fortikor we could stop giving it to her. She has continued to improve to the degree that, one day I noticed that she didn't seem to drag her leg somewhat with Arthritis like she used to, and the gasping and stopping breathing was minimal. She has also lost weight, which she needed to do so, and she is now at the correct weight.

Last Saturday we took her to the Vet for her check-up and also check her medication. The Vet is very impressed with her, and said she can now half the dose of the Vetmedin. She commented that her heart was holding strong, her colour was good, and that she was a strong little girl. We also reported to the Vet that she does not gasp for breath at all now, and is happy, eating well, rolls around excited, and jumps up on the lounge when it suits her.
The Vet said this just doesn't happen, as normally we have to keep adding in medications, and is happy the stem cell nutrition worked so well for her and believes in whatever it takes for her quality of life. Lady's dosage is 1/3 of a capsule per day.

Dog has new lease on life, my son’s eleven year old golden retriever, has been a part of our family since she was five weeks old. She has always loved to chase balls and go on long runs, but this past summer, things changed. She was in terrible pain and unable to walk for days at a time because her hips kept collapsing. My son feared we would have to have her put to sleep.

I started giving her stem cell nutrition, and immediately she seemed to be free of pain. Soon she was dancing on her hind legs, playing with the other dogs and bouncing up and down like a puppy. The thought of her not being in the family was devastating. Now we have a brand new chance with her. Jessica had a growth on her lip the size of a kidney bean. I noticed recently that it is getting smaller at the base where it is attached to the lip, and it has decreased to about a fifth the size. It looks as though it is drying up like a raisin. Amazing stuff, this stem cell nutrition!

- Christine Shull. 

Dog’s hearing improved’ve probably heard it said “a dog is a man’s best friend”. Well, my best friend is a very adorable 14 year old dog named Chela. She looks like Benji or a very cute shaggy sheep dog type.

Cataracts have made her blind, and she’s also very deaf. She’s eldest of my three dogs, and we sometimes call her Grandma. She is a little senile too and occasionally stands in the middle of the kitchen like a frozen statue wondering what to do next. Until recently, she has spent the last year sleeping a lot since she can’t hear anything to bark at. When younger, she always ran away quickly if I started to vacuum, but now I could do a whole room right next to her and she won’t wake up. I decided to put her on stem cell nutrition to see if it would help her.

Within just a few days she started to run along with my two younger dogs and play with them, sometimes acting very mischievous. When the two little dogs ran outside I could hear this weird squeaky barking coming from the living room and went in to check it out. There was Chela, barking her head off. She couldn’t see what was happening, but could hear the other dogs outside barking and joined in with her little pack.

- Haripriya Dillon, N.D. 

Stem Cell Nutrition Saved My Cat’s Life had such severe back problems that at times I could not stand up straight. I suffered from five degenerated disks, arthritis in my spine, chronic sciatic nerve problems, and frequent muscle spasms. A friend gave me some stem cell nutrition. Within an hour of taking a capsule, I felt a remarkable difference in my back. I was amazed at how fast it had worked. I used to have floaters in my eyes, but not anymore. After taking stem cell nutrition, I can now concentrate better. My hair is coming in darker and my overall focus, stamina, and mobility have improved. It has enhanced my quality of life.

Charlie Love is my twenty-one year old cat, who has a heart murmur. One day he went into congestive heart failure. Nobody expected him to survive. Charlie’s breathing was laboured, and he had no energy or appetite. Stem cell nutrition started a remarkable turn-around for Charlie. Four months later, he is active, jumping and playing. His joint stiffness is much improved. His fur has become soft and fluffy; his eyes bright and alert like a young cat. Stem cell nutrition saved my cat’s life

- Jan Ault.

Cat’s Arthritis Improved cat Madeline is eleven years old. She had arthritis so bad, she would cry if I picked her up. I decided to try stem cell nutrition on her, giving her one sixteenth of a capsule per day mixed in her food. Her condition vastly improved. She is now content to be picked up and petted. She runs, climbs upstairs and plays with shoes and toys like a kitten. Her fur is glossier too.

- Dwight Quaschnick. 

Stem Cell Nutrition for Pets and Horses

Plant-based stem cell enhancers have been shown to support the release of millions of stem cells from the bone marrow very quickly. These stem cells can then migrate and attach to any cells, tissue, bone, muscle, cartilage, organ anywhere in the body needing repair. Once they attach, they become that tissue and multiply 3 to 5000 times. When there is an injury or a stress to an organ of your beloved pet or horse, compounds are released that reach the bone marrow and trigger the release of stem cells. Stem Cells can be thought of as “master” cells and circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells, thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal health. 

As they do in humans, adult stem cells reside in animal’s bone marrow, where they are released whenever there is a problem somewhere in the body. Looking back on stem cell research, we realize that most studies have been done with animals, mostly mice, but also with dogs, horses, pigs, sheep and cattle. These studies have revealed that animal stem cells conduct themselves the same way human stem cells do.

The recent advance in stem cell research was listed as one of the most significant health-related stories in the past 25 years by CNN. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the number of stem cells circulating in the blood stream is one of the best indicators of health. Traditional health supplements nourish existing cells; they do not renew tissues.

Why Do Pets need Stem Cell Nutrition?

As your pets grow older, the number of circulating stem cells gradually decreases, leaving your furry friends more susceptible to injury and other health challenges. By supporting the natural release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow, stem cell nutrition supports your pet’s ongoing health.

Stem Cells, Animals and Arthritis

Arthritis is painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Inflammation is part of the body’s response as a protective mechanism to remove damaged cells, irritants, and infection from an area to start a healing process. The major complaint by people and animals that have arthritis is joint pain and stiffness.

How Can Adult Stem Cells Help Arthritis?

Research now shows that the body heals itself via the migration of adult stem cells from the bone marrow. When cells are damaged they release a compound that calls adult stem cells to the damage. Providing the adult stem cells can get to the damaged tissue the adult stem cells can turn into that tissue and become more of that tissue, therefore renewing and healing the damage.

For example in Arthritis:
  • Adult stem cells can become Chondrocytes. Chondrocytes are the cells that produce new cartilage.
  • Adult stem cells can become new bone cells; Adult stem cells have been linked with an increase of Lubricin (a protein found in joint fluid that acts like a shock absorber). So, adult stem cells can be very beneficial in the prevention and management of Arthritis.

What the Future Holds..........

Adult stem cell therapies are here to stay and are showing even greater promise than originally believed possible. Now being offered in many countries, they are playing a larger role in overall health, wellness and performance, not only in the equine world, but for the benefit of humans and their companion animals. With advances occurring almost daily, research in veterinary medicine currently conducted on horses, dogs and cats, shows great promise (for animals and humans) for many common health issues such as neuromuscular and ligament/tendon issues to organ repair and regeneration.

New Hope for Animals with Stem Cell Nutrition

Lynn Peck, DVM. I have been a veterinarian for nineteen years and have 26 years of research experience. For the last 11 years, I have been learning, practicing, and doing research in alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, bodywork and nutrition. In researching stem cell nutrition, I use it on both myself and on the animals in my care. I noticed a lighter, happier frame of mind and increased energy within two days of starting the product myself. I am currently treating a dozen or so dogs, and several horses with stem cell nutrition. 
One of my canine patients, around 14 years of age, had gone into a mental decline. She was lethargic, antisocial, and incontinent. After 3 days of taking stem cell nutrition, the dog became perkier and her general attitude improved markedly. She stopped having “accidents” in the house. After a month, the owner commented that the dog seemed several years younger. The stem cell nutrition had a positive effect on every level – mental, physical and emotional. I treated one horse five months after it had been bitten by a poisonous insect, possibly a brown recluse spider, on the right hind leg. The leg was still swollen to three times its normal size and was covered by open wounds and granulation tissue. Various treatments brought some improvement, but the healing seemed to accelerate when we introduced stem cell nutrition. I am enthusiastic about the early results of my experiments with stem cell nutrition.

Health: Stem Cell Breakthrough Highlights Adult Stem Cell Promise, says Christian Drapeau

Discovery reveals optimal wellness key reports author scientist Christian Drapeau 

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) April 17, 2010 -- The most promising future of stem cell research is linked to Adult Stem Cells rather than embryonic because of a recent breakthrough in understanding the function of these cells, according to scientist Christian Drapeau, author of Cracking the Stem Cell Code (Sutton Hart Press 2010).

Drapeau reports the discovery that a body’s own stem cells (these are “adult stem cells”) can travel to any tissue or organ needing repair or renewal, replicate and then become healthy cells of that tissue. “This changes the whole paradigm of human health and wellness”.

“If we simply support adult stem cells in their function of repair and renewal by supporting their release from the bone marrow, instead of taking them out of the body and modifying them in a lab, it gives access to stem cell technology to a much greater number of people to a much lower cost” said Christian Drapeau. “In this manner their immense potential can also be realized in a much safer manner.”

Drapeau explains:

Recent studies indicate that if we can increase the number of stem cells in circulation, this enhances the body’s ability to maintain the health of all tissues and organs. “It’s the best strategy and platform to tap into the natural repair/renewal system of the body.”

“Almost every disease results from the loss of a specific type of cells: diabetes results from the loss of insulin producing cells; Parkinsons from loss of dopamine-producing cells in the brain; hyperthyroidism from loss of cells in the thyroid gland; macular degeneration from the loss of cells in the retina and so on” explains Drapeau.

“But losing cells is not in itself the problem, we can renew the various tissues of the body and we actually do this constantly.”

The scientist reports that the body naturally constantly renews itself. For example the body creates a new lining of the intestine every five days, a new lung every few years, and a new heart every fifteen or twenty years, so the body is in a constant process of tissue turnover. “This means that in theory, at 60 a person has had few hearts. So the problem is not losing cells, but rather out ability to replace them and repair tissues. Health is a balance between cellular loss and tissue renewal. Anything we can do to support stem cell functions in the body will assist the body in maintaining health. Our newly expanded understanding of the function of a body’s own stem cells gives us a roadmap to improve so many conditions and clearly show that Adult Stem Cells are the preferred way to make that happen.”

About Christian Drapeau
Christian is America’s best known advocate for Adult Stem Cell research and the health applications of Adult Stem Cell science. He is the author of The Stem Cell Theory (2009) and the best seller Cracking the Stem Cell Code (Sutton Hart Press 2010) Christian co-founded Southern California-based STEMTech HealthSciences, a multinational research and supplement manufacturing-distribution firm focused on adult stem cell science and stem cell nutrition. A featured Mensa national event speaker, Christian holds a BS in Neurophysiology from McGill University and a Master of Science in Neurology and Neurosurgery from the Montreal Neurological Institute. You can get more information about Christian by visiting his site:

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